Online and Offline Data Entry

Viking Services conducts data entry from any digitized format or a handwritten document. Here are some examples of online data entry: online Captcha data entry work, MSDS Data entry, property data updating, Hospital Records Data typing, data input of restaurant menus, data input for Payroll.

Offline data entry: offline data collection, offline form filling and processing, offline data entry for e-books, business cards, catalogs, pdf to excel data entry, offline credit card application, scanned image to excel data entry.

Data Conversion

Viking Services helps its clients to convert large volumes of data to an easily retrievable format. We use advanced software platforms to carry out the process in a quick and efficient manner.

Document Processing

Each company uses a variety of forms, such as Invoices, Insurance Papers, Legal and Financial Documents. Our document processing services is a right way to maintain this process efficiently and time-savingly.

Data Cleansing, Formatting and Scanning

Our team of experts provides clients with up-to-date data. We deliver data cleansing and formatting services, every record is checked, cleaned and updated.

We provide scanning services for a wide range of industries.